Hi, I'm Mya!

I Specialize in: Grey Blending | Multi-Dimensional Colors | Balayage

I'm the owner and stylist at Illusion Salon based out of Plano, TX since 2011 who has the love for grey coverage and multi-dimensional color services, coffee, my dachshunds and the beach.

 Grey Blending | Multi-Dimensional Colors | Balayage

My favorite parts of being a hairstylist are the opportunity to bring out the natural beauty in hair color, the inspiration to love and embrace your hair and the emotional and mental connection with you. It’s not just about the color service or the color result.  It’s also about the experience with the service and how the color result will effect your emotions and the confidence you have after your color service.  

I became a hair stylist because I fell in love with the art and chemistry of hair and hair color.  My creativity helps you find the beauty in your hair, brings you inspirations to enhance your hair color and educating you on the best fit hair products that you could use to maintain your hair at home. Not all hair colors are created equal, therefore, I formulate hair color that is specifically catered for your needs and lifestyle. 


The most rewarding part of my profession is the revealing of the end result and I love seeing how happy you are with your new hair.  That fills my heart with so much joy and it doesn't get old.  

When you’re in my chair, plan to relax, have great conversations about hair, tv shows, local restaurants, everything else in between and enjoy the most relaxing shampoo experience with my signature scalp massage.

When I’m not in the salon, I’m usually working out at home with my Beach Body programs, playing with my 2 puppies, sewing or taking my online business/hair educations.  My favorite morning drink is a cup of coconut cappuccino or black coconut coffee with sugar.  I also treat myself to a cup of iced caramel macchiato with coconut milk every now and then.  Being an introvert and shy, outside of my salon environment, I’m very quiet. I’m a great listener and I smile a lot.  Even if I don’t know you, you will still get a smile from me. On top of that, I’m a perfectionist, very meticulous, and organized. 
The beach is my happy place and majority of the time my vacation will involve the beach.  My favorite is Galveston private beach. It’s not the prettiest beach but it’s close enough that I can invite my siblings to join and I could take my puppies with me.  It wouldn’t be a great vacation if I couldn’t share it with the ones I love.


While I love to do all hair services, lived-in color and dimensional brunettes, blondes and reds are my specialty.  



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